Be heard.


Perhaps a name that's been on a bunch of doors might open a few for you.

With a career ranging from playing Ronald McDonald to pushing tombstone rubbings, from ducks in The Peabody in Memphis to Grizzlies in the NBA, few fields of endeavor have escaped my involvement and virtually nothing has escaped my attention. I've not only been there and bought the t-shirt, I've provided directions on how to get there and designed the t-shirt. I've even had a couple ripped off my back.


My experience is broad, and my curiosity is insatiable.

To date, I've owned two ad agencies, two creative boutiques, two consultancies and (keep this to yourself, McDonald's doesn't know) I still have the Ronald suit. I'm keeping my options open.  Along the way, I've won about 400 awards for creativity, been recognized as an outstanding alumnus of my university, for lifetime achievement by my peers and for leadership in my national church and the Boy Scouts. Best of all, my wife still thinks I'm funny and my kids still like to hang with me.

Not bad, and I'm not through.

If you have something you'd like to get a lot more people interested in, maybe we should talk.