And Another Damn Thing > The Grisantis

October 4th, 2009

FRANK GRISANTI’SIn the Embassy Suites, Shady Grove, just off Poplar.Another distinguished offering from the city’s most distinguished family of Italian restauranteurs. Like the late John Grisanti's (sadly, no more), like cousin Ronnie Grisanti’s, (Ronnie's fine, the restaurant is history), and like the original Grisanti’s (long gone), Frank Grisanti offers tried ...

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And Another Damn Thing > Earnestine’s & Hazel’s

October 3rd, 2009

EARNESTINE & HAZEL’SSouth Main, across J.O. Patterson from the train station.A truly great cheeseburger — a cheeseburger by which others find their measure — begins with the grill and ends in the bottom of a longneck.  Such a cheeseburger isn’t possible on a new grill, the proper atmosphere for it’s presentation not possible in a new place.  The grill ...

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And Another Damn Thing > The Memphis Zoo

October 2nd, 2009

THE MEMPHIS ZOOIn beautifully woodsy Overton Park, right where I-40 would have gone if we hadn’t enough sense — thank God — to stop it.DO THIS.  If this isn’t one of the first things a visitor to the Bluff City hears about from proud Memphians, it ought to be.  The Memphis Zoo is probably ... aw, hell ... IS the best zoo of medium to moderate size anywhere.  ...

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And Another Damn Thing > Hunt-Phelan

October 1st, 2009

THE HUNT-PHELAN HOMEBeale Street at Lauderdale, just east of Danny Thomas Boulevard.The same architect that designed the Washington Monument designed it.  The artist that worked on the elaborate border design we still see on our currency worked on the decorative scrollwork. It dates from the 1830’s and cleverly combines both Georgian and Federal styles.  And Ghosts live ...

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