Kernels > Give Yourself a 10 in Advertising

September 10th, 2009

1. Know your product.“Only tattoos last longer.”Doc Martens“When you’re on a liquid diet, snaps on your outfits are pretty handy.”baby clothes2. Know your prospect.“If she asks you what you’re drinking,do you really want to say ‘spritzer’ to this woman?”Dewars“Screwing, nailing, reaming LIVE!”Trauma on Tour, Smith & ...

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Kernels > Wisdom

September 8th, 2009

Traditional wisdom suggests that in order to have large marketing and advertising ideas you must have large overhead.  All I have is a small dog.I suggest that, very often, traditional wisdom bites.I come with an entire ad agency built right in.  No extra charge.I’ve worked for several, owned a couple, held down every agency management job there is, and reinvented how some of them ...

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