Memphasis > We Know. We Know.

August 25th, 2016

THE MORE YOU KNOW, THE BETTER. There’s a guy crawling around my house with something called a moisture meter. Whatever it finds is measured in money. There’s another one sanding my living room down to raw wood. Cha-ching. My dogs are going nuts not knowing which of them to bark at next or which sound to run from or toward. Please shut up.  Brings the ...

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Memphasis > Cool Shades

August 18th, 2016

SHADES OF THE FUTURE. We were talking about sunglasses and how you see things through them. They were cool when you and I were young, no matter when that was, and they’re cool now. Still cool long past things and people once cool and now long gone like eight-tracks and Fabio. Always cool instead of once cool, not cool, and then cool again like argyle socks.

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Memphasis > Another Olympics. Another time.

August 11th, 2016

SHOOTING THE MOON FOR GOLD. When the Olympics last rolled around, my fellow decathlete, Jeff Chamblin, and I laughed our way through the memories, remembering the competition as if it were yesterday. We remember the wedge on 18 at Galloway, dug from a heavy lie in a front yard on Walnut Grove, arriving there after a 350-yard drive, 250 yards of that bouncing in the ...

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Memphasis > Laughing Beats Crying

August 4th, 2016

THE RODNEY PERSPECTIVE.  I was depressed. After a couple of weeks of political conventions and mind-numbing analysis by talking head armies to my left and right, I was wondering if I should bother to get out of bed. But I took solace as I sometimes do in the words of the late philosopher, Rodney Dangerfield, who reminds us that no matter how bad it gets, it could be ...

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Memphasis > The Privilege of Legacy

July 28th, 2016

WE ARE PRIVILEGED TO BE HERE. As poor as we are we are far richer than we may realize. As so many struggle to make ends meet, one may wonder why so many are drawn to us. As difficult as it is to breathe the air this time of year, there is music in that air, there is a world-famous beat to this city.  Recently, I wrangled a cross and a chalice for a funeral, a ...

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