Memphasis > Footprints

April 23rd, 2015

BIG STEPS. Part of our vacation ritual involves underwear, kitchen gadgets, camp shirts, socks and shoes – all items available in branded abundance on the cheap at Tanger Outlets. Our late spring odyssey to visit children and friends on the east coast takes us to the one in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and our late summer beach party includes the ...

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Memphasis > Dead Reckoning 2015

April 16th, 2015

GHOST OF A RIVER. Jimmy Ogle is a Memphis history savant. He knows things about our people that even they didn’t know. Going somewhere with Jimmy is a trip, and I wrote about one we took a while back. He navigated and I handled my car’s tiller across a miles-wide lake – on dry land. I plowed upstream in the main channel of the Mississippi – ...

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Memphasis > Let’s Face It

April 9th, 2015

THE FACE OF UNINSURED TENNESSEE. I washed down my eggs with a big swig of cold reality, decidedly unsweet. The woman serving me was familiar in the way regular customers and servers are familiar, not close but not strangers, not really friends but really friendly. “Haven’t seen you in a while,” I said, an opening that invites but doesn’t require ...

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Memphasis > Pray Tell

April 2nd, 2015

PRAYING FOR TENNESSEE. This being Easter week, let’s open with a prayer. Aren’t we all Christians – at least all of us who matter – and in Tennessee, the Promised Land? “I pray for the people of Tennessee who have been so downtrodden by the wicked courts from on high that they have been subject to tyrannical judiciary.” ...

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Memphasis > Days These Days

March 26th, 2015

GOING RIGHT BACK OUT THERE ANYWAY. I get lots of email about the kind of days friends are having these days – days like mine. I need to write a column, but looking at a video on my phone of grandchildren splashing in the rain, I realize I also need to wash the snow-salt-sludge off my car. I open the garage, walk out and turn on the hose. I notice mail in the ...

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