Memphasis > Days These Days

March 26th, 2015

GOING RIGHT BACK OUT THERE ANYWAY. I get lots of email about the kind of days friends are having these days – days like mine. I need to write a column, but looking at a video on my phone of grandchildren splashing in the rain, I realize I also need to wash the snow-salt-sludge off my car. I open the garage, walk out and turn on the hose. I notice mail in the ...

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Memphasis > First At Last

March 19th, 2015

TENNESSEE. FIRST AT LAST. That’s our new slogan. Time to own it. Some of you, my faithful readers, tell me I should be more positive about our prospects as a state. Look at the circus in Nashville – and remember how much fun I had at the circus as a kid, how hard I laughed at the clowns. Watch our march backwards, our retreat from progress – and think ...

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Memphasis > Chock-Full

March 12th, 2015

STORIES 90 YEARS IN THE MAKING. The other day, Willy Bearden and I visited with Norman Blackley in his kitchen. Willy and I are suckers for stories and that kitchen was chock-full. Matter of fact, Norman built the kitchen. “Everything in here cost about 200 bucks,” he told us, “put it in myself. This was the garage. Needed a kitchen more than a ...

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Memphasis > Mildred’s Waffles

March 5th, 2015

MEMPHIS RITUAL. The Memphis of Memphis is best shared around tables, best accompanied by good food, and best expressed in good stories. Mildred’s story, for instance. I told it last year, but here it is again because Mildred spent 70 years earning the telling. On a Downtown basement wall in the oldest public building in Memphis, Calvary Episcopal Church, ...

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Memphasis > Let’s See

February 26th, 2015

EYE OPENERS. I learned recently that Leadership Memphis is raising $50,000 to start something called Expanding Horizons College & Career Tours, taking 400 promising students from their SUCCESS High School program in eight Memphis schools on college tours in June. These are students who couldn’t make a trip like this on their own, many who’ve never been ...

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