Memphasis > Good Dog

October 3rd, 2013

TRICKS YOUR DOG TEACHES YOU. Last weekend, the Lawson’s church retreat was interrupted by loss. A dog had to be put down – more than a dog – Posey had to be put down. The fact that she had long been failing didn’t make the vet’s call any easier to answer, the drive north from Mississippi’s Camp Bratton Green any shorter. Posey came ...

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Memphasis > #1 in Blue

September 26th, 2013

BLUE IS A COOL COLOR. The warm colors are the reds and yellows – daylight, bright edges, clear boundaries, absolute rights and wrongs, the white-hot heat of righteousness and those who glow in it, sunshine on the surface. The cool colors run from blue green to blue violet – twilight through deep night, eyes you get lost in, music from hard lives that moves ...

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Memphasis > Take A Hike

September 19th, 2013

LEARN TO WALK ALL OVER AGAIN. The couple at the next table was of a certain age – say mine, younger than radio but older than television – and each had the other completely tuned out. He fiddled with a bowl of something between glances at SportsCenter; she pushed some lettuce around between glances out the window. More was said at my table than theirs and I ...

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Memphasis > Stranger Fear

September 12th, 2013

IN FEAR, WE’RE ALL LOST. “When is Mom coming back?” Hallie, 12 at the time, asked. “Yeah,” added Gaines, five at the time, “she’s been gone a long time.” Dan, jet-lagged at the time – with two children next to him, the Eiffel Tower behind him and the City of Light all around him – realized several things: Jet ...

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Memphasis > A Tasteful List 2013

September 5th, 2013

A LIST YOU CAN SINK YOUR TEETH INTO. Hello, my name is Dan and I’ll be your server. Presenting the third edition of the Tasteful List, updated for 2013 – second and third helpings, this year’s specials, delicious memories – an alphabetical survey of local flavor in one decidedly local man’s opinion. Look at this way; this is ...

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