Memphasis > Tiny Bag To Big Box

December 5th, 2013

ONE SCREW. ONE CENT. ONCE UPON A TIME. Saturday at 491 South Highland. That meant, if you couldn’t get out the door and out of earshot fast enough, you’d be working for Dad. “I need a #2 this or that,” he’d say – staring at the repurposed wooden Philadelphia Cream Cheese box in his hand that no longer held cream cheese and, ...

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Memphasis > Ginkgos and Band-Aids. Again.

November 28th, 2013

LOOK FOR THE WONDER. REPEAT. I wrote about this last year. This year, just last week, it happened again. Right outside my window is a ginkgo tree, and another on the other side of the house. Every fall they engage in an ancient mating dance, a spectacular competition for attention. So exhausting is the effort, it doesn’t last long. So intense is the result, ...

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Memphasis > Our Kind Of Street

November 21st, 2013

A DIFFERENT KIND OF ADDRESS. The sticker on the door of Elwood’s Shack – sort of on Summer and sort of in Lowe’s parking lot – said “Summer Ave. is my Poplar.” When I was about three, the very first one in the world opened. And changed the way the world traveled. The very first one had a phone and a TV in every room when others had ...

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Memphasis > We’ll Get There

November 14th, 2013

IT’S NOT THE RIDE. IT’S THE DESTINATION. The guy driving this thing is from Chicago. And the way they get places in Chicago isn’t pretty. Calling the Obamacare website wreck “a bump in the road” is like calling, well, like calling the ride I’m about to describe as bumpy. We were in Chicago and running late. Nora was seven-plus ...

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Memphasis > See And Be Seen

November 7th, 2013

IT’S ALL IN THE WAY YOU LOOK AT IT. In this town, this should play. They teach music in there, but more, they teach purpose and meaning in music. Music as more than sound, but as expression of the soul. Music as more than notes, but as evidence of who we are and what we believe, of what we’re capable of and what moves us. Sometimes a celebration, sometimes ...

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