Memphasis > Boys Will Be Boys

September 27th, 2012

BOYS WILL BE BOYS. AND THAT CAN BE VERY BAD. If you don’t think teenage boys are thinking about sex virtually every waking moment and dreaming about it virtually every second asleep then you never were one, never the parent of one, or never knew one. If you think wagging a finger at them will stop them, or fairy tales about sexuality instead of honest truth will ...

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Memphasis > Story On The Side

September 20th, 2012

A STORY IN EVERY BITE. As I listened, I remembered comedian David Brenner discussing directions in the South. He noted that directions come with a story, and they may include turn left at the three-legged dog, and that everything comes with grits. The teller this time was friend Hal – world traveler, retired pilot, former Tiger lineman and current gourmand. The ...

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Memphasis > The Heart Beats

September 13th, 2012

THE HEART BEATS. AGAIN. A lifetime ago, screwdrivers with lifetime guarantees came from an art moderne castle, and screwdrivers with orange juice came from the only other Friday’s outside of Manhattan. Ben-Hur, Spartacus and Lawrence of Arabia came from Crosstown, and big splashes came from the Fairgrounds. Before Home Depot, Best Buy and big boxes, the biggest ...

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Memphasis > A Tasteful List 2012

September 6th, 2012

A LIST YOU CAN SINK YOUR TEETH INTO. So many of you seemed to salivate over last year’s Tasteful List, I’ve updated it for 2012. While reduced some, make no mistake, there’s nothing dietary about it. Some are last year’s refried beans, some are this year’s nouvelle cuisine, some are just delicious memories. An alphabetical survey of local ...

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Memphasis > One Quiet Truck

August 30th, 2012

JUST SEND ONE QUIET TRUCK. My friend Joan White died a couple of weeks ago. You may not have known that. In fact, if you aren’t a member of advertising’s old school fraternity, you may not know that Joan made the boys let the girls in and made the business, and us, better. In fact, if you aren’t a member of Temple Israel, you may not know how much ...

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