Memphasis > Real World

November 1st, 2012

RICHIE. FOR REAL. Calvin called and told me Richie was coming to town. Calvin was calling a meeting. Richie. There are a number of reasons for getting out of town for college, out of the warm blanket you’re wrapped in to something less restrictive or out of cold circumstances to something warmer, out of the suffocating sameness of safe and familiar, out of ...

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Memphasis > A Half-Penny For Their Thoughts

October 25th, 2012

FULL OF HOPE. See the children. See them run.See the children. See them play. See the children. See them see. See the children. See them learn. See the children. See all that’s possible. About a year ago, I was preparing to write the annual report for the Memphis City Schools pre-kindergarten program. Just a quick review of numbers and comparative stats ...

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Memphasis > Phantom Screamer

October 18th, 2012

LOUD MEMORIES REMAIN. Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy emailed the other day and reminded me of the Phantom Screamer. The Screamer never caught the game-winning touchdown pass. He didn’t hit a walk-off home run or a fade-away jumper at the buzzer, or go on to do something that might, literally, save the world like his remarkably seedy classmate, Dr. Cary Fowler. He ...

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Memphasis > Rain Dance

October 11th, 2012

IT’S RAINING. SO WHAT? She’s four. She has big hair, a whole big bunch of auburn curls. She’s my daughter’s friend. They’re laughing in another room, about to break something. It’s raining today, and I’m outside, and I’m thinking about her. I’m watching my manic two-year-old dog running splashy circles around my ...

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Memphasis > Right to Rights

October 4th, 2012

BENDING EVERYBODY STRAIGHT. I know a guy who’s into shoes. And into colors, theatre, and rearranging furniture. He majored in art, and can spend hours hanging one piece in the only two square feet of wall space he has left  – robin’s egg blue and Chinese red walls I might add. He wrote and directed musical satire in college. Johnny Mathis is ...

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