Memphasis > Horseback Rides with Weddings

January 2nd, 2014

BRIDAL PATHS As I did last year, I begin this year revisiting markers on the journey. When I was little, I was sure you went to cool weddings by horseback. After all, Roy and Dale were married, and they sang “Happy Trails To You” from the back of a horse every week. Mom and Dad were married, and they spent the first year of their marriage in Arizona riding ...

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Memphasis > New Years and Old Ones

December 26th, 2013

NEW YEAR REMINDER OF OLD FRIENDS The cutest girl on Tennessee’s campus sent me a message, and that sent me back to Houston for her wedding a lifetime ago, and just about the wildest weekend I’ve ever spent. Extant. Calvin picked me after work at my summer job. We drove to his parents’ house, parked his p.o.s. Volkswagen in the driveway, stole his ...

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Memphasis > Christmas Coming Home

December 19th, 2013

CHRISTMAS TIME It was my first time to England, first time overseas, and prime time for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Soho and the rocking HQ for the whole British invasion. It was time to discover pubs, and Scotch eggs, bubble & squeak and spotted dick. Time to discover that bitter, served warm, is twice as strong as our brew, that a British pint holds 20 oz.

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Memphasis > Here’s To Memphis Made

December 12th, 2013

THIS SEASON, RAISE A GLASS TO US. “Have a beer. When you can find something we can all agree on, something we can all be proud of, something unifying, you should drink to it. Seriously. Drink to it.” I wrote those words in a column three years ago. I thought I was writing about America’s oldest brewery, Yuengling, coming to town to put new hops in the ...

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Memphasis > Tiny Bag To Big Box

December 5th, 2013

ONE SCREW. ONE CENT. ONCE UPON A TIME. Saturday at 491 South Highland. That meant, if you couldn’t get out the door and out of earshot fast enough, you’d be working for Dad. “I need a #2 this or that,” he’d say – staring at the repurposed wooden Philadelphia Cream Cheese box in his hand that no longer held cream cheese and, ...

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