Memphasis > Swimming In Memory

January 24th, 2013

THE POOL’S CLOSED. My first date was Ann Wiggs. I took her to a dance in the cafeteria at White Station at the beginning of the seventh grade. She was tall and all elbows and angles. I was short and dumpy and all nervous. We didn’t so much dance as run into each other to music. I was 11. She was 12. I’m into older women to this day. We met a month ...

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Memphasis > A General Invitation

January 17th, 2013

COME ON BACK TO ELMWOOD, GENERAL FORREST. And bring the missus and the horse along. The family’s waiting. After all, you bought the Elmwood lot yourself in 1854 and you were buried here in 1877. Your wife was, too, before some folks named a park after you and moved both of you there in 1904, parking one of the finest equestrian statues anywhere right on top of you in ...

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Memphasis > “It” Goes To Committee

January 10th, 2013

THREE YEARS LATER, MEMPHIS GOES TO COMMITTEE. Almost three years ago, in the hope that we were on the verge of positioning ourselves, of taking our rightful place among places, I wrote this in another column: “Whatever it is, there’s an it to Memphis that compels people to sing, to stay up late, to invent, to write, to dance, to create, to remember, to cook, to ...

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Memphasis > New Heroes

January 3rd, 2013

SCHOOL LESSONS IN HEROISM. On Friday morning, December 21 – one week after semi-automatic gunfire swept through elementary school classrooms and the nation, murdering innocence – one week after a Memphis police officer stood between a bullet and you and me, giving us all she had – a single two-ton bell in the tower of Idlewild Presbyterian Church rang 29 ...

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Memphasis > Horseback Rides With Weddings

December 27th, 2012

BRIDAL PATHS When I was little, I was pretty sure you went to cool weddings by horseback. After all, Roy and Dale were married, and they sang “Happy Trails To Us” from the back of a horse every week. Mom and Dad were married, and they spent the first year of their marriage in Arizona riding horses and doing cool-sounding things like punching cattle, shooting ...

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