A Tasteful List 2014

September 4th, 2014

Memphasis by Dan Conaway, Author’s Note, September 4, 2014:

It’s been a year since I served up a generous helping of what to eat in our town, at least my opinion on the subject. It takes that long to try everything on this list, not to mention trying everything several times just to be sure.

You wouldn’t want me to phone it in would you?

As usual, there’s no discussion of presentation or preparation, absolutely nothing about a soupçon of anything, but I do have one request.

Could we just start putting salt and pepper back on the table? Thank you.

Dig in, Memphis. This is all yours.

As published in The Daily News, September 5, 2014, and in The Memphis News, September 6-12, 2014

(photo: The Knuckle Sandwich at Restaurant Iris, enough to make Maine jealous)

Knuckle Sandwich Copy


Presenting the fourth edition of the Tasteful List, updated for 2014 – second, third and fourth helpings, this year’s specials, delicious memories – an alphabetical survey of local flavor in one decidedly local man’s opinion.

If home-owned cooking is the menu – fresh from our kitchens – this is what I’m having. And I’m happily having it over and over:

A/M Breakfast, Andrew Michael; Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Café Society, Molly’s; Baguettes, La Baguette; Barbecue Pizza, Coletta’s, Elwood’s Shack, Pete & Sam’s; Barbecue Salad, Bar-B-Q Shop, Central BBQ, Germantown Commissary; Barbecue Sandwich, Bar-B-Q Shop, Interstate, Payne’s, Tops; Barbecue Spaghetti, Bar-B-Q Shop; Beacon Salad, Pete & Sam’s; Beer, Cash Saver and anywhere serving Ghost River, High Cotton or Memphis Made; Birthday Cake Sno Cone, Jerry’s; Breakfast (anything), Blue Plate, Brother Juniper’s; Boston Cream Pie, Calvary Waffle Shop; Brisket, Elwood’s Shack, The Rendezvous; Catfish, Soul Fish; Cheese Dip, Pancho’s; Cheeseburger, Belmont, Caritas Village, Elegant Farmer, Earnestine & Hazel’s, Hog & Hominy, Huey’s, Tops; Chicken Salad, Bogie’s, Calvary Waffle Shop, Ecco, La Baguette; Chile Rellenos, Los Compadres; Chips, Las Delicias; Chocolate Malt, Wiles-Smith; Chopped Steak, Mortimer’s; Coffee, Bluff City Coffee, Republic Coffee; Collards, Hog & Hominy; Corn Sticks, Little Tea Shop; Cupcakes, Muddy’s; Dry Ribs, Rendezvous; Egg Drop Soup, A-Tan; Eggplant Casserole, Cupboard; Egg Roll & Pork Vermicelli, Saigon Le; Fish Pudding, Calvary Waffle Shop; Fried Chicken, Gus’s; Fried Green Tomatoes, Cupboard; Fried Rice, Saigon Le; Fries, Brass Door, Huey’s; Guacamole, Las Delicias; Gumbo, Déjà Vu; Hoppin John, Little Tea Shop; Hot and Sour Soup, A-Tan; Hot Dogs, Elwood’s Shack, Hog & Hominy; Italian Salad, Bogie’s, Coletta’s, Fino’s, Pete & Sam’s; Italian Spinach, Pete & Sam’s; Knuckle Sandwich, Iris; Lyonnaise Salad, Café 1912; Meatloaf, 3 Angels; Miss Mary’s Salad, Frank Grisanti’s; New York Club, Fino’s; Nuts, Peanut Shoppe; Patio Salad, Half Shell; Pizza, Ciao Bella, Memphis Pizza Cafe; Popcorn, Peanut Shoppe; Potato Salad, Bogie’s, Fratelli’s; Potato Soup, Huey’s; Pot Roast, Elegant Farmer; Poutine, Hog & Hominy; Salad Sampler, Bogie’s, Calvary Waffle Shop; Sausage and Cheese Plate, Rendezvous; Sea Bass, Tsunami; Shrimp and Grits, Sweet Grass; Shrimp Elfo, Frank Grisanti’s; Shrimp in Black Bean Sauce, Saigon Le; Shrimp Po Boy, Déjà Vu; Shrimp Salad, Bogie’s; Sliders, Bardog, Brass Door, Slider Inn; Souflima, Jim’s Place; Steak, Folk’s Folly; Steak Sandwich, Half Shell; Stuffed Avocado, Little Tea Shop; Surf and Turf, Iris; The Belt, Brass Door; Tomato Aspic, Calvary Waffle Shop; Turkey Burger, Huey’s; Turnip Greens, Elegant Farmer, Little Tea Shop; Vietnamese Egg Rolls, Saigon Le; Wet Ribs, Bar B-Q Shop, Central BBQ, Germantown Commissary, Interstate; Waffles, Calvary Waffle Shop; Wonton Soup, Saigon Le.

In memoriam:

Barbecue Sandwich, Brady & Lil’s, Little Pigs, Pitchfork; Biscuits and Gravy, Ferguson’s; Black Bottom Pie, Dobbs House, Toddle House; Chess Pie, Seessel’s; Club Steak, Bill and Jim’s; Coconut Ice Cream, Tropical Freeze; Crabmeat Justine, Justine’s; Fried Shrimp, Anderton’s; Green Pepper Beef, Joy Young; Horseradish Encrusted Grouper, Jarrett’s; Lady Fingers, Seessel’s; Mocha Cake, Carl’s Bakery; Onion Rings, Pig ‘n Whistle; Poo Poo Platter, Luau; Vanilla Soda, Normal Drug Store.

I’m a Memphian, and I’m well fed.


I'm a Memphian by Dan Conaway

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Earle: Dan, Great list of foods and places to eat. It was quite nostalgic for the places that are long gone. None more so than the Pitchfork. You were talking about Willie's Pitchfork on Union Ext., right? My father would drive across town with us to eat there. His eyes would glass over as he told people about it. He'd get that faraway look in his eyes. Then he'd be headed for the car to go to the Pitchfork to feed his craving. Thanks for the warm memory of my dad. Earle

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