A Tasteful List 2018

August 16th, 2018

This is my eighth annual Tasteful List – the one time a year I step into my colleague Jennifer Biggs’ territory. She knows from food. What I order generally arrives with fries and a two-pound weight gain. My only requirements are that it be local and damn good every time I dig in.

You know, kind of like the daily Jennifer and I will be writing for soon.

(photo: Coletta's Barbecue Pizza)



Presenting the Tasteful List 2018 – alphabetical local favorites in one decidedly local man’s opinion. Most of the following should come with a gym membership and a warning from the American Heart Association, bless their hearts. Show some restraint; don’t try all of these over the weekend.

A/M Breakfast, Andrew Michael; Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp, Molly’s; Baguettes, La Baguette; Barbecue Pizza, Coletta’s, Elwood’s Shack, Pete & Sam’s; Barbecue Salad, Bar-B-Q Shop, Central BBQ, Germantown Commissary; Barbecue Sandwich, Bar-B-Q Shop, Interstate, Payne’s, Tops; Barbecue Spaghetti, Bar-B-Q Shop; Beacon Salad, Pete & Sam’s; Beer, Cash Saver, anywhere serving Crosstown, Ghost River, High Cotton, Meddlesome, Memphis Made or Wiseacre; Birthday Cake Sno Cone, Jerry’s; Breakfast (anything), Blue Plate, Brother Juniper’s, Stone Soup, Sunrise; Boston Cream Pie, Calvary Waffle Shop; Brisket, Elwood’s Shack, Rendezvous; Catfish, Soul Fish; Cheeseburger, Belmont, Earnestine & Hazel’s, Germantown Commissary, Huey’s, The Bluff, Tops; Cheese Dip, Pancho’s; Chicken Salad, Bogie’s, Calvary Waffle Shop, Deli On The Square; Chips, Las Delicias; Chopped Steak, Mortimer’s; Coffee, Bluff City Coffee, Muddy’s, Otherlands; Corn Sticks, Little Tea Shop; Crab Cakes, Char; Cupcakes, Muddy’s; Deviled Eggs, Bogie’s, Deli On The Square; Dirty Rice, Mardi Gras; Donuts, Gibson’s Donuts; Dry Ribs, Rendezvous; Fish and Chips, Brass Door; Fish Pudding, Calvary Waffle Shop; Fried Chicken, Gus’s, Joes’; Fried Green Tomatoes, Cupboard; Fries, Brass Door, Young Avenue Deli; Guacamole, Las Delicias; Gumbo, Second Line, Mardi Gras; Hoppin John, Little Tea Shop; Hot and Sour Soup, Mosa, Shanghai; Hot Dogs, Elwood’s Shack, Hog & Hominy; Italian Salad, Bogie’s, Deli On The Square, Fino’s, Pete & Sam’s; Italian Spinach, Pete & Sam’s; Knuckle Sandwich, Iris; Miss Mary’s Salad, Frank Grisanti’s; New York Club, Fino’s; Ninja, Kwik Chek; Nuts, Peanut Shoppe; Patio Salad, Half Shell; Pizza, Aldo’s, Ciao Bella, Memphis Pizza Café, Pete & Sam’s; Po Boys, Krewe Of DeJavu, Mardi Gras, Second Line; Popcorn, Peanut Shoppe; Potato Salad, Bogie’s, Deli On The Square, Fratelli’s, Second Line; Potato Soup, Huey’s; Red Beans and Rice, Half Shell; Salad Sampler, Bogie’s, Deli On The Square, Calvary Waffle Shop; Sausage and Cheese Plate, Rendezvous; Sea Bass, Tsunami; Shrimp Elfo, Frank Grisanti’s; Shrimp Salad, Bogie’s, Deli On The Square; Shrimp Toast, Bhan Thai; Sliders, Bardog, Brass Door, Huey’s, Slider Inn; Steak, Char, Folk’s Folly; Steak Sandwich, Half Shell, Huey’s; Stuffed Avocado, Little Tea Shop; Surf and Turf, Iris; Tomato Aspic, Calvary Waffle Shop; Turnip Greens, Little Tea Shop; Veal Saltimbocca, Brooklyn Bridge; Vegetable Plate, Cupboard, Little Tea Shop; Wet Ribs, Bar B-Q Shop, Central BBQ, Germantown Commissary, Interstate; Waffles, Calvary Waffle Shop.

In memoriam:

Barbecue Sandwich, Brady & Lil’s, Little Pigs, Pitchfork; Black Bottom Pie, Dobbs House, Toddle House; Chess Pie, Seessel’s; Chocolate Malt, Wiles-Smith; Club Steak, Bill and Jim’s; Coconut Ice Cream, Tropical Freeze; Crabmeat Justine, Justine’s; Di Niro, Republic Coffee; Fried Shrimp, Anderton’s; Green Pepper Beef, Joy Young; Horseradish Encrusted Grouper, Jarrett’s; Lady Fingers, Seessel’s; Mocha Cake, Carl’s Bakery; Onion Rings, Pig ‘n Whistle; Poo Poo Platter, Luau; Vanilla Soda, Normal Drug Store; Vietnamese Egg Rolls, Saigon Le.

I’m a Memphian, and full of the place.

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