We Know. We Know.

August 25th, 2016

Be honest.

Could you survive everybody looking at 30,000 of your emails? Imagine hitting Reply The Entire World, much less Reply All, to everything you’ve ever sent.

Do you think more than three – .0001% – of them would be objectionable?

Look, I don’t want to have a beer with Hillary Clinton. I don’t even like Hillary Clinton. But anyone who’s done the jobs she’s done despite the relentless attacks on her ability, who’s stood with dignity and poise in the face of relentless attacks on her character, has more real and proven strength for the job at hand in one of her sensible shoes than her opponent has in the entire of his P.T. Barnum experience.

If we’re honest, we know that’s true.

As published in The Memphis Daily News, August 26, 2016, and in The Memphis News, August 27-September 2, 2016



There’s a guy crawling around my house with something called a moisture meter. Whatever it finds is measured in money. There’s another one sanding my living room down to raw wood. Cha-ching. My dogs are going nuts not knowing which of them to bark at next or which sound to run from or toward. Please shut up. 

Brings the election to mind. 

When the floor guy pulled up the front door threshold he saw that something was wrong under there, just beneath the surface everything was wet, dark and rotten. In the living room, the opposite was true. The sanding process removed decades of dirt, grime, built-up wax and faded glory to reveal a solid hardwood base ready for something new.

I prefer to think metaphorically about all of that rather than the cost thereof.

For 20+ years, you and I have paid millions and millions of tax dollars for various Republican Don Quixotes and their various committees of Sancho Panzas to tilt at Hillary Clinton. She’s been accused of everything from murder and treason, bribery and theft to mental illness and perjury, wonkiness and bad taste in pantsuits. After decades of exhaustive, dedicated, endless effort – leaving no stone of innuendo unturned, no baseless classless claim unmade, no talking head or obscure Republican Congressman unheard on the subject – countless charges have gone unproven, well, except maybe the wonk part and that pantsuit thing. As a result, the Republicans have made sure that we know more about Hillary Clinton than any presidential candidate in history. Thanks to them, we know that she’s had more high-level experience, better understands the world, and is better known in every corner of it. Like everyone, we know she’s flawed, but we now know that she’s smart enough and tough enough to survive decades of point-blank shots in the most sustained smear campaign since Lucifer’s fall. Obama has only had to stand up to eight years of it.

Trump can’t even stand up to the breeze from a Gold Star father waving the Constitution.

This cartoon of a candidate has insulted whole nations, races, religions, genders, disabilities, and the whole of common decency. How many bankruptcies? How many suppliers and small businesses stiffed? How many real people out of work as a result? How many billions is he really worth? Or millions? Or is he worth one red cent to any of us or a second of our serious consideration? Who is this guy?

Every right wing has flapped over and the FBI has poured through 30,000 of Clinton’s emails – 30,000 – and found three – three, people – with notes in the margin that might cause concern. I guarantee you that you’ll find more to concern you in the first three lines of Trump’s tax return, and I also guarantee you’ll never see it. If you did, you’d know far too much.

We’re much better off working with a solid hardwood base than something that’s all wet.

I’m a Memphian, and I want to know what I’m getting.


Big Fan: Bravo! You can say things better than anyone else. This needs to be seen by all of America.

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