Elmwood Cemetery

September 30th, 2009

(sample, special appeal letter)

Dear Friends of Elmwood,

Another year has almost gone, and four more seasons have graced Elmwood with their particular favor.  Winter brings its stark outlines to frame the cold.  Spring brings its palette of renewal , summer its bright growth, and fall its
crisp change.

And each brings its own challenge.

While still recovering from the storm of last year and its toll, this year has delivered almost record lows in rainfall.  While one day in August brought us more than an inch, the whole month of September brought us less than a quarter of an inch.  While the yeoman service of our staff has straightened, cleared, restored and returned Elmwood’s storm-tossed beauty, the need to balance nature’s abundance continues.

We must meet the need.

Friends of Elmwood have watched over this historical ground for 152 years, first establishing the legacy, then maintaining it, then adding to it, then assuring it.  The result and the reward are self-evident.

As you consider year-end giving, we simply ask that you continue to be you.
For that, all of us in Elmwood’s extended family are eternally grateful.




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