Boys & Girls Club

September 30th, 2009

(fundraising appeal letter)

Dear Friend of the Boys & Girls Club,

Another red hot summer is before us.  A hundred degrees.  A hundred per cent
humidity.  A hundred days of sweating through your shirt a hundred different
ways.  But no matter how hot we get, it's always hotter for some.

In  the streets, summers are hotter...and futures burn up.

Summer air in the inner city can become heavy with despair, weighed down by drugs, loaded with bleak prospects, absent of guidance and laden with danger.  External heat can cause internal frustration to boil over, even explode.  Even worse, summer in the inner city can cause boys and girls to lose hope.  The Boys & Girls Club can help them find it again.

At Camp Phoenix, the air is fresher...and hope floats on the breeze.

The stars in the sky shine brighter there.  Three squares a day over seven
wonderful days feed and nourish hungry bodies and famished spirits.  Canoes, paddles and swimming strokes wash away pain.  The guidance of caring professionals, the examples they set, and the experience of a single summer
can make a difference in the life of boys and girls.  In the life of a city.

Help us with tomorrow's forecast.

Your $224 sends one camper to Camp Phoenix for one session.  Your $32 buys one day.  They’ll earn their way through service hours worked at their clubs, but
your dollars send them.  Please...send as many as you can.

This summer, you can turn the oppressive, stagnant air of the city into a
gentle breeze off Sardis Lake  for a few days, and blow hope back into
Memphis for decades to come.

Thanks for the cooler days ahead.




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