September 8th, 2009

Traditional wisdom suggests that in order to have large marketing and advertising ideas you must have large overhead.  All I have is a small dog.

I suggest that, very often, traditional wisdom bites.

I come with an entire ad agency built right in.  No extra charge.

I’ve worked for several, owned a couple, held down every agency management job there is, and reinvented how some of them are done.

What you’re probably paying a fortune for, I’ll do for chicken feed.

It takes a lot of them to do what I do all by myself.  

And when you need more, I’ll make the resources you need appear only when you need them, and disappear when you don’t.  That’ll tend to saw a budget in half.

Some call that cost-efficient.  I call it magic.

During the next high-tech, buzzword-loaded agency presentation you attend, consider that beautiful, almost iridescent, blue-gray dot in the middle of chicken poop.

Remember, that’s chicken poop, too.

During a recession, everyone is aware that clients don’t have a dollar to waste.

I’ve always been aware that clients don’t have a dollar to waste.


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