Eagle To Win

September 4th, 2009

(Author's Note: This was one of a series of sports themed posters promoting the International Paper brand, Springhill. I've always liked the series, tying it to paper performance, and the feel of the writing. How about you?)

Last hole. And you're coming out of your shoes. Safe doesn't get it.  Bailing out won't make it.  Playing the odds won't win it. You're going for it. Because coming in second still loses.

Your strength comes from one side, your control from the other. What makes you colorful, what makes you a winner, is your ability to call on both.  Springhill Coated Cover C2S.

Outside, your game is brilliant, adventurous, emotional. Inside, steady execution and focused effort produce the result. Springhill Coated Cover C1S.

No matter how tough the lie, the carry is the same. You've got to call on something you can hit with confidence. Springhill Hi-Yield Bristol C1S.

All the swings come down to one. All the made putts, stiff approaches, hit fairways and impossible saves all come down to pulling this one back and bringing it home. You can't come up short. Springhill Coated Blanks C1S.

To win at this game, you depend on your luck, your ability, your courage, and every club in your bag. Springhill.

Pick it up. It's good.


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