Fourth and Goal

September 5th, 2009

(Author's Note: This was one of a series of sports themed posters promoting the International Paper brand, Springhill. I've always liked the series, tying it to paper performance, and the feel of the writing. How about you?)

A few feet turn to miles. Another chance turns into the last chance. To kick  is to surrender. To try and fail is absolute failure. Here, legends are  found and careers are lost. Ready, set.

Bright colors, terms and numbers loom large on both sides. One has backs, wideouts and shotguns. The other has monster men, safeties and blitzes. Both have  enormous pride and spirit. Springhill Coated Cover C2S.

While one must surprise with a spark of brilliance, the other must dig in to deny any gain. Springhill Coated Cover C1S.  

To block even the largest, to outrun those thought faster, to stand and deliver in the rush of peril. To have the heart for the game. Springhill Hi-Yield Bristol C1S.

Strong enough to be unmoved by the  pressure. Experienced enough to be unfooled by the fake. Springhill Coated Blanks C1S.

The whistle blows, and amid all the cheers and the jeers, on either side of the line drawn, we all know who wins.  The team that takes the individual talent of each and acts as one is unbeatable. Springhill.

It's complete.


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