Match Point

September 3rd, 2009

(Author's Note: This was one of a series of sports themed posters promoting the International Paper brand, Springhill. I've always liked the series, tying it to paper performance, and the feel of the writing. How about you?)

Match point.

Tension as tight as the span of the net. Anticipation as hopeful as the contestants.  Fear and doubt as large, and as hushed and suppressed, as the crowd that watches. One gentle lob. One  overhead or topspin forehand. One great get. One splash of chalk, and this one's over.

Players on both sides, replete in logos, looking bright and colorful. And looking consummately determined and professional.  Springhill Coated Cover C2S.

One serves brilliantly, a shining example.  The other side returns, refusing defeat.  Springhill Coated Cover C1S.

Going further than one thought possible, stretching out to make the play and save the point when most thought it was over.  Springhill Hi-Yield Bristol C1S.

Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Equal parts agility and strength.  Taking it.  Giving it back with a new spin. Springhill Coated Blanks C1S.

Finally, a racket goes in the air with a yell.  A set of shoulders slumps in quiet despair.  A match is won. Both had the chances, but one had more shots to call on when the one shot was called for.  Springhill.

Your serve.


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